A great quote

"Life is too short to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde

Monday, 27 December 2010

Awareness: learning and practising

I want to tell you about some few things that I have been learning and practising. Lately, I have been getting myself into the ericksonian hypnosis world, quuantic physics and meditation.
Now I want you to imagine yourself just for a minute, standing so closed to big picture,so closed ... that you are just able to see a tiny bit of it, you can move a little bit to one side and see another bit of the picture and so on. Suddenly, you decide to step back a little bit and start to see a bit more; you keep walking backwards until you can see the whole pic which it is something great, then you can really get inside of its meaning. Unexpectedly, it is like everything starting to make sense. Well, that´s happen to me. There are so many things to learn about ourselves and practise them, so many. I feel like a little child who just discover that is able to walk alone, she is clumsy and fall down sometimes but she feels so proud and happy for learning how to be standing on her own two feet. She deeply knows....that´s the way...

Let it flow;)

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Sometimes life can be overwhelming and it´s in these ocasions when you need some support. I used to be a person who thought that I need no body cos I could manage myself; and in some way it is but I realized that sometimes when you are so tired that you feel that you can not go on... you just need to know that you have people around who is there and suddenly everything start to make sense again.
Friends are like stars you do not always see them but you know they are there.

Let it flow;)

Friday, 17 September 2010


Everything in life teach us something. Right now, for some circumstances I am living with my mom and grandparents. Well, my grandfa is quite old, he is 96 years old and has a heart condition, plus a colon cancer. He is now a dependent old person, he needs somebody to wash him, to take him to the toilet, to walk, etc. he doesn´t see properly, he is almost blind, he doesn´t hear properly he is almost deaf. Also his memory is quite bad, he doesn´t remember details or even some people or situations, our names, etc.
But he is such a strong man, actually, he always has been this way. Everyday he is facing his condition of dependent old man so well, but sometimes when he is in pain he always ask why is he still here, what is the point of it. I think that he is still here to teach us something and I am learning to see that the most important thing in these world is the people who loves you and cares about u; I think at the end...if we could imagine just for a sec that we are dying in these present moment, what comes to our minds...to me... my family, to have them around, to feel them and be able to say good-bye to them. That´s the most important thing to feel around u these people that u love.
I think that´s the only thing to do with my grandfa, to be around him and show him that we love him, the rest...really doesn´t matter.

U can see him in these pic when he was a bit younger...always doing his duties.
I love u grandfa!!!

Let it flow;)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What I wanna get in life

Here is my personal mission statement:

To empower people to love themselves and help them to find their own resourses to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

some of my values and goals:

-What matters most is my connection with myself, letting myself flow, being present and feeling blissful.
-What I value most is having meaningful relationships with people. Being able to connect with people on deep levels.
-I plan to be financially independent, and have control of my life. I plan to work in my topic & improving my therapeutic skills (learning new stuff), I mean to grow as a profesional of psychotherapy . I plan to acquire my finances without violating my values, goals and personal mission.
-I plan to travel and live in different parts of the world. Experiencing different cultures, documenting them in photographs and sharing them with others.
-I plan to work hard to get what I want, not putting boundaries to myself.
-Having a partner is important to me, I desire a loving-sharing relationship with him, in which both can be truly and deeply ourselves. And every day we are not taking us for granted.
-To see always the connetions between love, freedom & aloneness (when you love yourself you can be alone and then you are able to love others; just then you can feel and give freedom)
-To live everyday fully as if it was my last.
-To learn :
about myself, from other people, from my experiences, ...in sum from living.

Let it flow;)

Monday, 13 September 2010

Just a bit of me

Crosscurrent                                                                                                       Independent and free
Enjoying life with a little kid eyes
Learning from everything and everybody
Living and letting live
A good friend so If u r one of my friends u will always count on me.
Trust is everything to me.
Being real.
Just me.

Let it flow;)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A feeling

I want to share with you this song...this guy for me has a great voice and specially this song...it is so nice. For me music is pure emotions which can make you feel....
Hoping you will enjoy this feeling;)

Let it flow;)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New phase

Enjoying the walk, taking risks, starting new things, feeling the inner energy and let it flow...in sum...living my life the way I want to...mmm...just living the moment...no expectations... it is the best feeling.

Let it flow;)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Being realistic with love

Sometimes you have to accept that things are not as you were wishing to be, actually, they never are. It is funny to see how much of us we put in a relationship even when it is just the very little begining of it. In my particular case, I could say like the song..the day that we first met...wasn´t looking for what I found but I found you and I´m bound to find happiness in being around you...
But one thing was missing...the realistic part. Not everything depends on me at least not in relationships, they are some other factors involve quite important too. The only thing you can do is to be coherent with yourself and  be true to your feelings, the rest is uncertain. I guess that´s the bittersweet of life. 
At the end, I think love just can grow if we are giving us a chance and taking the risk...by saying...who knows;) but here it comes the realistic part...if you want to plant roses, don´t do it in low winter temperatures;)

Let it flow;)

Monday, 19 July 2010

To be playful

Do you remember when you were a little kid and how you were enjoying to play?? It was great, wasn´t it??
Well, I guess in some moment in life we start to become more serious and less playful. I think most people would feel much better if they change their serious way of acting and start to be more playful. Could you imagine life if people around you are having fun and inviting you to  be and feel playful?? In my case, just to think about it makes me smile. 
I have to confess that being an adult can be so boring if you don´t let  this little glow from your inner child show. When we have children around if it quite easy to "re-connect" with our inner child becoming children again but to some people it is even uncomfortable or so dificult because they are so into their "growing up world". So they are missing the best in life...to play. Actually, life is a game and it is so much better if you enjoy to play. Sometimes we will win and sometimes we will lose, that´s how the game works. Also by playing we did learn a lot of things it was a need in our childhood. Why did forget about the gains of playing?? We could learn so many things if we keep playing. We can learn a lot from other people, just watching them how they play. So people, I encourage you to be more playful in your everyday life. The key...it is what our parents used to say to us when we were playing....The most important thing is not to win but to participate. And if you let me to change the sentence just a tiny bit...the most important thing is your positive and playful attitude while your are in the game, not winning or losing it;)

Let it flow;)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fear of intimacy

Fear of intimacy involves the reluctance to open up and reveal your true self, perhaps because you've been hurt in the past. Or, if you grew up in an emotionally and socially closed environment and never learned how to be vulnerable to either friends or lovers, you may have a hard time opening up now. This is fear of intimacy.

Well, I never thought that I was going to say that but....people, I have to admit that I feel this kind of fear. Actually, it is just a very recent discovery that makes me feel a bit dizzy,so many questions, thoughts, mix of feelings in my head at the same time. I am not used to feel this way. It is like fear is the one which takes control of me and don´t let me say what I want to say. The words just get stuck in my mind and can not get out of my mouth, it is like mmm...if I am opening the door....what would happen, it is like wanting to have everything under control, safe. I was thinking that this is not so good but...I started to re-think and...I guess to be aware of it, it is a chance for me to solve this new challenge. I don´t have anything to lose, just to gain. I know it is not gonna be any easier but I will do my best. And
maybe you would wonder... why she discovered this fear now (or maybe not;). Well, if you do, here you got my double answer...I found a person who deserves to have the best of me and I want to give it to him, plus I think everyday I am getting to know and connect with myself better. Well, He is the kind of person who makes you feel better and I would love to be able to tell him face to face while I look at his eyes  "I´m good all by myself. But baby you, you make me better" like Ne-yo´s song. Mmm...this day will be one of my best ones:)

Let it flow;)

Monday, 28 June 2010

The touch

I want to start to today talking to you about touching. If you take a look to the dictionary one of the meanings will say something like that…Touch: to come in contact with. I don´t know if you have realized that usually most of the people don´t touch each other and less if they don´t know each other. I just have to give a walk to see that ,and even some of them don´t make eye contact to each other. And if you try to do it, most people would avoid your look as “hey what are you doing, you make me feel uncomfortable”. Actually, most people are talking to each other but not seeing each other. It is sad in a certain way, we are missing something so good, the joy of being touch. Imagine... what our society is getting to... when they are some people on the streets offering free hugs and people do enjoy a lot these hugs from strangers, they do laugh, smile, feel happy after that hug. ( By the way, it is feels great…I tested it:) so if you get the chance, go and give them a hug.)  What is it telling us? I think it is telling us that our society is avoiding this part of the human being which makes us feel instead of think. The society is killing the feeling and overvalue the thinking, both part are equal needed in the human being. Out there… there are a lot of people who don´t know how to touch and even some of them don´t feel ok with the touching thing or are scared about it because they haven´t been introduce to this behavior since they were little babies. Ohh it is a pity to see how scared we tend to be with the real to come in contact with.
Actually, I am a very touching person and I love to make eye contact. I think it is another way of communication, so much deeper and connected with the unconscious mind. And I love when I do some real touch with people, it is one of best feelings…so hey join to the touching people club;) it is free entry!!!!

Let it flow;)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The suitcase

Today I did wake up with a headache which got worse after I read my email, sure cos
my unconscious mind is trying to tell me something but...today I am not quite open to
listen to it. Anyway, I want to talk to you about shoulds today, yeah, u know... this little things that everyday we say to ourselves that we have to do. Even though we don´t feel quite ok doing it but...if we are not doing it ...something inside says to us "hey, u should do it, it is the right thing" so at the end, we decide that it is better follow our shoulds in order to feel us less guilty. These shoulds have been planted in our minds since we were little babys by our parents, teachers, society, etc. and sometimes it can help us to fit in. But I was wondering what would it happen if we decide to change shoulds for things I want. I think everything would be smoother, easier, of course for us, but not for the rest of people. Actually, we limit ourselves everyday acting the most of time as we should, we are killing our spontaneous way of acting. It is like to try to put our body into a suitcase as the little chinese guy did in the movie Ocean´s Eleven, not very confortable, isn´t it??
In my particular case, I have to tell you that I am trying everyday my best to do not get myself into a suitcase, just to carry one if I want to travel;)
let it flow;)

Monday, 19 April 2010


Today I want to talk about starting over. To finish a relationship is always a tough thing to do, even more when you still would like to make it last. I guess that´s life, people, things, jobs, cities touch us and go. In life nothing last forever, but it seems that we always want to keep things, to have things in order to feel us more secure. We are seeking for security in love but actually, if you want to keep love alive you need some adventure (I mean to think that this love could go away it is not for sure). We need to be aware of it to create a love relationship fresh and renew everyday which makes us feel happy the most of the time. It is sad to know that most people have just one of them in their relationships. Or they have security relationships or adventurous relationships. They are missing the whole thing: to experience the not lasting love forever which makes you everyday enjoy and care love as it were not another day left.
I guess if you have experienced this kind of loving you have more skills to deal with the break up.

Nothing last forever so better enjoy everything in life as it were the last time;) don´t you think?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Today I want to talk about something I saw in TV. It was a tv show in which one person was offering one euro to people in the street (he was saying something like.."to help you with the crisis").It was funny to see how people looked at him like hey stay away, got angry, etc. Nobody accepted this little money. These reactions made me think about how most people in big cities tend to be afraid of people who come to them (if they don´t know them)even if it is to give them money. Hey, if somebody comes to me and give me money...I will take it and say thank you:)
Nowadays, I think our society are creating scared people, scared to be open to other people in the streets; it is like they got in mind...strangers are dangerous and you can not trust them so...better don´t get involve with them. The sad thing is people are having around lots of people every day but they don´t even talk to them or pay attention to them because of their fears. So..we are becoming cold and insensitive so much so that even if we see a hurted person asking for help we will go right not looking at him (actually, I read this fact in a newspaper).
I wonder what it will happen if we were walking around being open and trusting people instead of being scared of them. People, Let´s take off our shield and enjoy people around us!!!
What do you think??

Monday, 1 March 2010

No time

First of all, I want to tell you that my mother language it´s not english but I will try to write here the most of the time in english.My apologies to english speakers if sometimes it doesn´t sound ok.

No time...how many times we say to ourselves or to others ...sorry I have no time or I need time for me. We ususally waste time instead of enjoying it. We are so into rush and busy most of the time. We are not used to stop our body or mind. Actually, I think that this type of behaviour is not appreciated by society. What a pity!!! Cos it is even funny when you are just standing in the middle of the street, no moving yourself just watching how people, cars, buses, bikes...are moving back and forth. It is a nice feeling cos you are just there, no expecting, no rushing,no thinking, just looking around,feeling like stopping time for you and feeling disconnected from outside in some way. Have you ever experienced it? if you have not, try it and let me know how it was,ok?.

let it flow;)