A great quote

"Life is too short to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Today I want to talk about something I saw in TV. It was a tv show in which one person was offering one euro to people in the street (he was saying something like.."to help you with the crisis").It was funny to see how people looked at him like hey stay away, got angry, etc. Nobody accepted this little money. These reactions made me think about how most people in big cities tend to be afraid of people who come to them (if they don´t know them)even if it is to give them money. Hey, if somebody comes to me and give me money...I will take it and say thank you:)
Nowadays, I think our society are creating scared people, scared to be open to other people in the streets; it is like they got in mind...strangers are dangerous and you can not trust them so...better don´t get involve with them. The sad thing is people are having around lots of people every day but they don´t even talk to them or pay attention to them because of their fears. So..we are becoming cold and insensitive so much so that even if we see a hurted person asking for help we will go right not looking at him (actually, I read this fact in a newspaper).
I wonder what it will happen if we were walking around being open and trusting people instead of being scared of them. People, Let´s take off our shield and enjoy people around us!!!
What do you think??

Monday, 1 March 2010

No time

First of all, I want to tell you that my mother language it´s not english but I will try to write here the most of the time in english.My apologies to english speakers if sometimes it doesn´t sound ok.

No time...how many times we say to ourselves or to others ...sorry I have no time or I need time for me. We ususally waste time instead of enjoying it. We are so into rush and busy most of the time. We are not used to stop our body or mind. Actually, I think that this type of behaviour is not appreciated by society. What a pity!!! Cos it is even funny when you are just standing in the middle of the street, no moving yourself just watching how people, cars, buses, bikes...are moving back and forth. It is a nice feeling cos you are just there, no expecting, no rushing,no thinking, just looking around,feeling like stopping time for you and feeling disconnected from outside in some way. Have you ever experienced it? if you have not, try it and let me know how it was,ok?.

let it flow;)