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"Life is too short to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde

Sunday, 27 March 2011

No curtains

Today I want to talk about lying, yeah, about to close our curtains to hide ourselves or our true thoughts. Actually, I was wondering why we tend to do that, and childhood was the word which crossed in my mind. We were just little kids our parents started to "educate" us. The other day I was in the street and I did listen how a mother was telling to his child "give a kiss to your grandma" and the kid doesn´t want to but she did keep telling that until he did it though he didn´t feel like it because "it was the right thing to do". Well, that´s a perfect example of how we have been educated. You learn that you have to do things that you don´t want to do because it is the "right thing", another good example, it was when you were a kid and did listen how your mom or dad said something that was a lie and you did said "that´s not true". Ohhh our parents in this moment were so angry and said to us "you keep quiet when I do talk"; so now when we are grow up unconsciously we tend to hide our true feelings or thoughts because people around us did that and we learnt from them.
You know, it is quite sad this education which doesn´t allows to be ourselves or say whatever we think. Right now, I am over this education, but I can notice how people around me are not and this situation makes difficult to really have a good comunication. People get angry or hurt when other people are true to them we have learnt this from the little begining and we want to be a "good kids". It is very rare to find out there people who really are true and have no curtains, because this means that you do not feel responsable for others just from yourself and most of us are not used to that, our parents, teachers, and other people have been told us that we have to make others feel good, like the kid who had to kiss his grandma though he didn´t feel like it to make his grandma and his mom happy. Because of that, I find people who are not being true to his girlfriendor boyfriend, wife or husband, mother or father, brother or sister, etc. beacuse they think that they are going to hurt them if they are and they stay in a really bad situations for them. So they are not ok in order the other can be fine, how can other be fine if he/she had a person who is not ok beside them??? It is clear that sometimes true can not make us happy but it is so much better to know it, we can manage it and get over it, that´s life. And we feel at the end so much better that living in a lie.  To hide, to lie, not being honest with people is to lie, to hide, not being honest with yourself. And just if we are honest and loving with ourselves others can feel love from us.
In my opinion, just when we accept and respect ourselves deeply we are ready to have no curtains and accept others too, they are parts of you that you do not like, others that you do like and enjoy them and the same is with others. Nobody is perfect,  so why pretend or want they are?? to make them or us happy??? would u be happy if someone is perfect and always does what you want??? so...I hope to find in my way... true people, brave to say what really are in their minds, and keep helping people in that direction.
 To open our curtains brings us light to be able to see ...to connect...to choose...

Let it flow;)

Friday, 18 March 2011


After I´ve been in my garden taking out some weeds and putting instead of grass some little stones,( I was so exciting of seeing this little part of my garden so beautiful with these stones). I am so tired, actually I´ve been doing that for 4 hours non stop because I was thinking that I could finish it today. I was very wrong, as the time was flying I was realising that....I can not finish it today. So I have learnt from this experience a very good lesson ...It is not useful at all to be in a hurry to do whatever thing. I tend to be an impatient person when I want to do something I like or to get it and...at the end... it doesn´t work, there are things which take time. For example, I remember one day that suddenly I discovered a book that I really like so I went running to the city center to buy it and when I got to the bookshop...they told me "sorry but we haven´t got this book, you will have to order it" I said so dissapointed "ok, but when it is going to be here" they said "in ten days", I said "ohhhh" and sure my face was expresing the same:(. So...sometimes you can not get things quickly, you need to wait to get them.
  These last days that I´ve been quite busy working and studying I got so tired mentally that I started to lose my way; in the sense that I was asking myself why I am doing this. In sum, I wasn´t looking to my big goal anymore so I lost myself  in the little tasks...without realising that they are taking me there...little by little. So this morning...my garden did teach me..."hey, girl, if you want to get it....you need time..and doing it little by little,.no hurry...beacause hurry will get you shattered and exhausted nothing else."

Let it flow;)