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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fear of intimacy

Fear of intimacy involves the reluctance to open up and reveal your true self, perhaps because you've been hurt in the past. Or, if you grew up in an emotionally and socially closed environment and never learned how to be vulnerable to either friends or lovers, you may have a hard time opening up now. This is fear of intimacy.

Well, I never thought that I was going to say that but....people, I have to admit that I feel this kind of fear. Actually, it is just a very recent discovery that makes me feel a bit dizzy,so many questions, thoughts, mix of feelings in my head at the same time. I am not used to feel this way. It is like fear is the one which takes control of me and don´t let me say what I want to say. The words just get stuck in my mind and can not get out of my mouth, it is like mmm...if I am opening the door....what would happen, it is like wanting to have everything under control, safe. I was thinking that this is not so good but...I started to re-think and...I guess to be aware of it, it is a chance for me to solve this new challenge. I don´t have anything to lose, just to gain. I know it is not gonna be any easier but I will do my best. And
maybe you would wonder... why she discovered this fear now (or maybe not;). Well, if you do, here you got my double answer...I found a person who deserves to have the best of me and I want to give it to him, plus I think everyday I am getting to know and connect with myself better. Well, He is the kind of person who makes you feel better and I would love to be able to tell him face to face while I look at his eyes  "I´m good all by myself. But baby you, you make me better" like Ne-yo´s song. Mmm...this day will be one of my best ones:)

Let it flow;)

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