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"Life is too short to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde

Friday, 2 September 2011

Getting over

Sometimes you have to finish a relationship because - you have to forget what you want to get what you deserve- it is a sentence that I did read in a blog that I think it is a great one. But it is not as easy as it looks, I have tried to not think about it trying to keep myself busy, to think about the reasons why I did quit it, to get to know other people, but...when I have my mind no busy, here it comes,,,, memories,...I just understand that you need some time to be in touch with these feelings, these memories, to let them go in a good way, not putting them in a closed box pretending that it is not there because you are not looking at or trying to put more stuff in this box to be able to not see  stuff which is at the bottom, you need to open this box and take a look inside it, until you are complety ready to see which things are going to be useful for you and which ones you need to put them out because they are not useful for you anymore. Sure....then....you really can say...I got over it.

Looking inside my box,
(let it flow;)

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