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"Life is too short to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde

Monday, 19 April 2010


Today I want to talk about starting over. To finish a relationship is always a tough thing to do, even more when you still would like to make it last. I guess that´s life, people, things, jobs, cities touch us and go. In life nothing last forever, but it seems that we always want to keep things, to have things in order to feel us more secure. We are seeking for security in love but actually, if you want to keep love alive you need some adventure (I mean to think that this love could go away it is not for sure). We need to be aware of it to create a love relationship fresh and renew everyday which makes us feel happy the most of the time. It is sad to know that most people have just one of them in their relationships. Or they have security relationships or adventurous relationships. They are missing the whole thing: to experience the not lasting love forever which makes you everyday enjoy and care love as it were not another day left.
I guess if you have experienced this kind of loving you have more skills to deal with the break up.

Nothing last forever so better enjoy everything in life as it were the last time;) don´t you think?

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