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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The suitcase

Today I did wake up with a headache which got worse after I read my email, sure cos
my unconscious mind is trying to tell me something but...today I am not quite open to
listen to it. Anyway, I want to talk to you about shoulds today, yeah, u know... this little things that everyday we say to ourselves that we have to do. Even though we don´t feel quite ok doing it but...if we are not doing it ...something inside says to us "hey, u should do it, it is the right thing" so at the end, we decide that it is better follow our shoulds in order to feel us less guilty. These shoulds have been planted in our minds since we were little babys by our parents, teachers, society, etc. and sometimes it can help us to fit in. But I was wondering what would it happen if we decide to change shoulds for things I want. I think everything would be smoother, easier, of course for us, but not for the rest of people. Actually, we limit ourselves everyday acting the most of time as we should, we are killing our spontaneous way of acting. It is like to try to put our body into a suitcase as the little chinese guy did in the movie Ocean´s Eleven, not very confortable, isn´t it??
In my particular case, I have to tell you that I am trying everyday my best to do not get myself into a suitcase, just to carry one if I want to travel;)
let it flow;)

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