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"Life is too short to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde

Friday, 17 September 2010


Everything in life teach us something. Right now, for some circumstances I am living with my mom and grandparents. Well, my grandfa is quite old, he is 96 years old and has a heart condition, plus a colon cancer. He is now a dependent old person, he needs somebody to wash him, to take him to the toilet, to walk, etc. he doesn´t see properly, he is almost blind, he doesn´t hear properly he is almost deaf. Also his memory is quite bad, he doesn´t remember details or even some people or situations, our names, etc.
But he is such a strong man, actually, he always has been this way. Everyday he is facing his condition of dependent old man so well, but sometimes when he is in pain he always ask why is he still here, what is the point of it. I think that he is still here to teach us something and I am learning to see that the most important thing in these world is the people who loves you and cares about u; I think at the end...if we could imagine just for a sec that we are dying in these present moment, what comes to our minds...to me... my family, to have them around, to feel them and be able to say good-bye to them. That´s the most important thing to feel around u these people that u love.
I think that´s the only thing to do with my grandfa, to be around him and show him that we love him, the rest...really doesn´t matter.

U can see him in these pic when he was a bit younger...always doing his duties.
I love u grandfa!!!

Let it flow;)

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