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"Life is too short to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Sometimes life can be overwhelming and it´s in these ocasions when you need some support. I used to be a person who thought that I need no body cos I could manage myself; and in some way it is but I realized that sometimes when you are so tired that you feel that you can not go on... you just need to know that you have people around who is there and suddenly everything start to make sense again.
Friends are like stars you do not always see them but you know they are there.

Let it flow;)


  1. I've always loved that Andromeda view. And really, really beautiful words you're sharing here, full of intelligence, emotions, purposes and love.

    For me, to paraphrase your comparison of friends with stars, it's very unusual to find such a distinct glow like yours in the space nearby. Not only I think you can be sure of your friends' presence, but they for sure must be really fortunate people, having your brightness so close to them.

    I'd like to say I especially enjoyed your article about being playful like a child. So often we are so immersed in our adult lives, planning things and predicting the consequences of everything, that we forget to enjoy the moment: to play everyday's game, and to learn new ways of playing it, to enjoy it as much as we can.

    Just as you say, as we grow adult we seem to forget what enjoying simple things is. Like when we live in a big city, the stars in the night sky become harder to see. And we tend to focus so much in the things that surround us, to worry about them, to make them complicated, and to forget about all the beautiful universe that still remains outside of the city. Shouldn't we realize how many possibilities there are of finding happiness if we learn to be conscious of all this? Well, I guess it's difficult sometimes...

    If you allow me, I'll end by quoting some words that touched me the first time I read them. They don't come from any fancy writer, but from the liner notes of a pretty unknown musician's album:

    "Life as a 'caravan of dreams'. [...]

    Gradually, I became intrigued with the meaning of this simple phrase: 'caravan of dreams'. [...]

    I have come to the conclusion that it means many things to just as many people. I visualize a group of travellers moving in a brightly coloured convoy, in search of a better life, learning along the way that

    joy is to be found,

    not in the conclusion,

    but in the journey itself.

    It's about life."

    Please keep the nice writing going.
    Saludos desde una "constelación cercana",

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Riq!! It has been great to read it:) and see that somebody cares about what I tend to write sometimes....when I do feel like sharing what comes to my mind.
    I like the metaphore...caravan of dreams... and Rip...how wonderful life is...when you do live your dreams;)
    I send to your constelación cercana...a hug!