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Monday, 27 December 2010

Awareness: learning and practising

I want to tell you about some few things that I have been learning and practising. Lately, I have been getting myself into the ericksonian hypnosis world, quuantic physics and meditation.
Now I want you to imagine yourself just for a minute, standing so closed to big picture,so closed ... that you are just able to see a tiny bit of it, you can move a little bit to one side and see another bit of the picture and so on. Suddenly, you decide to step back a little bit and start to see a bit more; you keep walking backwards until you can see the whole pic which it is something great, then you can really get inside of its meaning. Unexpectedly, it is like everything starting to make sense. Well, that´s happen to me. There are so many things to learn about ourselves and practise them, so many. I feel like a little child who just discover that is able to walk alone, she is clumsy and fall down sometimes but she feels so proud and happy for learning how to be standing on her own two feet. She deeply knows....that´s the way...

Let it flow;)

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