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"Life is too short to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Russian Roultte

Today, my fingers feel like writing so... here I am... letting them flow. I want to tell you about rise and fall, ups and downs; actually, that´s part of life. To be able to find balance in this russian roultte we all are in is the main goal. But in a way...I think that I am starting even to take adventage of the fall or down moments tasting them, they give me strength to keep going, to climb. I have heard a methaphore a very good one to me, it says that you can not bring darkness to an illuminated room, neither a bit of it; but you just have to light a  candle in a dark room ...and light appears.
I love light, its energy, its warmth, its power...it is like love, actually, for me it is related to love. Love is freedom for me, there is nothing else. Freedom to me and to others, even freedom to every single thing in the world. Freedom to be what they are and what they want to be. It is a shame that in this society love is linked to possess, to have, to security, to chains...imagine now it is trendy to simbolized love with a padlock, and couples around the world go to some place and put this padlock together with their names on it, a padlock??? they do not know what they are doing actually....because I do understand a deep connection between two people in a moment, so deep that it seems that it will be always as deep so they go full of this feeling ....run to buy a padlock...and in this moment...zas...this feeling is gone. When you try to keep something by your side....this something...starts to lose its qualities. Love can not exist when you locked it, when we lock something is because we are afraid of losing it, of someone can steal it from us so...we lock it to feel ourselves safe and secure. Birds are not created to be in a beautiful cage and ...come on...do not tell me they are great there ...they are not, why? because it is not in its nature, they are made to fly away enjoying the sky,  flowers, trees, ...and they enjoy the birds. Birds will come back to places they feel good. Cages are a creation of man, they are not in nature, we are specialist in creating cages, boxes, labels to put things on them, to feel secure, full of power or control.
In my opinion, we have being raise in a cage so we think that´s the way love is....but hey...it is a whole great world  out there, we are part of it,...to fly...and enjoy it if you are willing to try to use your winds...it will be no easy...none of new learnings are...but it´s worth it....

or if you enjoy your cage....stay there... be safe! We always choose our way...
...and I choose fly!!

Let if flow;)


  1. Really beautiful words again, Nia.

    I totally agree with the description of love as freedom. Love is oneself's freedom, as well as letting your loved people free. Love is not obligation, nor it's possession, nobody belongs to anyone.

    In the other hand, we are just humans. Each of us is a mere handful of living stardust, we are like lost children in the middle of this huge universe. We can't live completely alone, we fall in love, sometimes we suffer from insecurities, we feel fear... in a word: we have needs. I guess that's why we tend to try to keep forever what makes us feel better, to feel more secure. It's our instinct, and we live in a society that promotes possession, and that kind of behaviour.

    When we love someone, it's easy to become selfish. Finding someone special makes us want him/her for ourselves. We want that person to be close to us forever. To want to feel that he or she belongs to us. Our lives are so insignificant in the history of the universe, that we think we can keep something unaltered forever. But we can't. It's along life that we learn about that. And even until the very moment we die, we continue learning things, like a child.

    Nia, I feel your way of thinking very close to mine. I enjoy reading the beautiful thoughts that you write, and I would like to call you my friend. Though, you know... I don't really know you, and I think that you could misunderstand me for writing this. See? I have my needs and insecurities too...

    Un abrazo. Keep writing, and keep flying.

  2. Thank you for your comment!!! you are right we have fears, insecurities, and so on; but to be aware of them, in a way...give us the chance to do something different, don´t u think?. In my case my fears taught me lots about me and show me the way to be different, not a slave of them. To face them make me free and I do it everyday.
    And hey!! I am glad that you enjoy my writing and feel close to it. Relax...I won´t misunderstand you just cos I don´t know what should I misunderstand;)

    A smile!